Cultural Association for Children and Youth
Are inviting you to participate in MILLENIUM LegenDancers
Transnational Dance Festival, in Brasov – Romania, 25-26 May 2019 , at „Reduta” Cultural Centre.

The competition is addressed to the dancers who study choreography as a free time activity.


• Classic
• Contemporary/ Modern
• Street dance/ MTV show
• Thematic /Musical Dance
• Character Dance / Stylized Folklore
• Acro Dance
• Open (any choreographic genre that can not be included in any of the above disciplines)


• Baby - 4-6 years old
• Mini - 7 - 9 years
• Children - 10 to 12 years old
• Juniors - 13 - 15 years old
• Seniors - over 16 years old

* if there are more than 2 dancers / choreographic momentum, the arithmetic average of their ages will be calculated and will fall into an age category.


• Solo - 1 dancer (duration of choreographic moment max. 2 min)
• Duet / Trio - 2-3 dancers (duration of choreographic moment max. 2 min)
• Group / 4 - 10 dancers (duration of choreography max. 3 min)
• Formation / over 11 dancers (duration of choreography max. 4 min)

MILLENIUM LegenDancers Transnational Dance Festival,
in Brasov – Romania


Until 1st May 2019, the competitors' representatives will send to millenium_art@yahoo.com the following documents:
- Application form (ask for the model at the organizers);
- Participant table of dancers (name and surname, date of birth).
On the festival day each institution will present:
- Copy of birth certificate or ID card of dancers;
- The music of the moments in the contest - CD - one CD/one song/one choreography *audio format, in plastic or paper wrappers*;
- Participation fees – 15 Euro/dancer (solo/duo/trio), 10 Euro/dancer (group/formation).
A dancer pays the fee ONCE (the highest cost), even if he/she performs in more choreographies.

Ex. one dancer who performs in SOLO, TRIO, GROUP and FORMATION will pay ONLY 15 Euro.
Note: a dancer has the possibility to perform in 4 (four) choreographies - if you want to supplement the number of choreography, you will pay a supplementary fee of 5 Euro/person/choreography.


Each dancer will receive participation MEDAL.
The jury will award the following prizes:
Prizes I, II, III and Mention for each discipline / age category and competition section;
- Special prizes from sponsors and media partners;
- The MILLENIUM LegenDancers TROPHY at the best choreographic moment;
- Excellence Awards for Choreographers.
The jury of the competition will be composed of specialists in the field and representatives of partner institutions.
The judging criteria will be: choreography, execution technique, interpretation and artistic impression.
Jury decisions can not be appealed.


The organizers provide the costs related to judging, prizes and logistics. Participants will cover travel and participation fees. At the request of the participants, we can provide assistance and advice on accommodation.

Important !

It is necessary that all competitors have health inssurance, and if there are any accidents, it is understood that this is the competitor's responsability.
Photos, videos and audio recordings made during the festival become the property of the organizer, who reserves his right to use these materials for promotion. The registration in the festival of participants confirms the understanding and acceptance of this policy. The participants agree that their personal information can be introduced in the database of the organizer, being processed and used for the well-being of the festival.

You can get details at Tel./ WhatsApp - 0040.723.301.477 - Flori Iordache, initiator event.
Event initiator,
President-Cultural Association for Children and Youth

Flori Iordache


Tel./ WhatsApp - 0040.723.301.477, Email: millenium_art@yahoo.com
Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brașov – România.